Revelation Of The Zelf (There Can Be Only One)

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I wasn’t going to let the sweltering heat put me off my charity shop mooching on my way home from work this week, and battling the sweat I found Zelfs, Quadrophenia, Highlander, Hogfather and Revelation. I also found a cat scratching post for the kitties!


This dalmatian Zelf is called Ditty Dot and is from the fifth series (2015). It glows in the dark!


I already owned Quadrophenia, but it was the 4:3 version so updated to widescreen. I really enjoyed Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather when I first saw it back in 2006, so snapped this up! The DVD has a snazzy metallic outer sleeve. I also found Highlander. There can be only one, and this is the only one I like.


The Shardlake series of books by C.J. Sansom are an excellent Tudor crime series. Our paperback versions have mostly fallen apart down the spine so I’m updating them to hardback when the price is right.