Rupert In Blue Jeans

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The last two weeks have been very plentiful as regards to buying toys. So much so I am now at maximum capacity and really hope my shop begins to succeed before I am crushed under a pile of dollys! I also struck on an excellent idea, and one which I hope will set my toy sales apart from others – FREE PIN BADGES, designed especially to go with certain sales!



I found five Shopkins Shoppies dolls (all needed a hair style, which has come out rather well!), four Equestria Girls mini dolls, Lalaloopsy “Matey Anchors”, a Nine D’Onil vanilla scented baby girl doll, a purple Cupcake Surprise doll (surprise – no hat!), a naked Baby Bratz, three Polly Pocket dolls, two unknown mini dolls, two Sofia The First mini dolls plus three mini accessories, two Frozen mini dolls plus Olaf, a Rapunzel mini doll with clip-on dress plus two Magic-Clip dresses, and three Disney mini doll rubber dresses (which I have as yet to work out the origin of).

These three lots I’m keeping. At least for the time being 😀 After a bit of practice, I worked out how to brush the Shoppies hair without loosing their ringlets, and now look lovely again. Only two came with a skirt, and one also had an odd shoe. I love the EG mini dolls, and actually prefer them to the larger version. This is the first Cupcake Surprise doll I have found with a smile in a charity shop.

I have designed a badge to go with these two sales lots.

The None D’Onil baby doll has a really strong scent of Vanilla and is anatomically correct. Matey Anchors is missing his hat and shoes, but still cute!

I found a bundle with all sorts of mini dolls and accessories in, some of which I have yet to ID. The Magic-Clip dresses also fit the Frozen mini dolls, but the rubber dresses are slightly too large for any of them. The two dolls in their underpants and orange footwear have no manufacturers marks to help ID them.

Unknown dolly items included two orange life jackets, a Sanrio ladle, a blue base (Kinder?) three studs (Monster High?) a purple thing, another blue base (this time Disney), a rubber yellow top (Polly Pocket?) what looks like Cinderella’s sleeve, a small pink wig and a small white top.


All sorts of things here, several figures of which are for resale.

I found myself another Zelf, two Dizzy Dancers (one with base), a LOL Surprise pencil case and heart mirror, a pink bendy hairy thing and two troll pencil toppers. I also found a Poonicorn, rubbery My Little Pony and another pink rubbery thing with hair!

This little leaflet for Lalaloopsy Tinies was lurking in a toy box (along with all the Shoppies and Equestria Girls), so rescued it before it got ripped.

This Magic Roundabout side plate is a keeper! Produced by Serge Danot in 1967, for the BBC children’s stop-motion TV series. I’ve seen a couple of mugs which also match this design with the gold rim, and there are similar items but without the gold from this time.

I have created badges to go with these toys sales lots, or to go with larger bundles. Some of the Moshi Monsters I’ll be keeping, but I have several doubles to sell. I found a cute Sylvanian Families figure, a Pikmi Pops lanyard which I have put with the tiny plush for sale, a Shopkins mini which will be added to the pile I now have ready for sale, The Incredibles, M.U.S.C.L.E. “Fox”, three more Postman Pat figures (to go with the one I found a few weeks back), four Miraculous action figures with light-up chests, Toy Story “Buzz Lightyear”, another Pokibot, seven Jake & The Neverland Pirates figures and a Dinky car.

“Stick ’em up, Grandma!”

This little set of wooden picture puzzle blocks came into the charity shop I volunteer in but are too damaged to resell, plus they are also missing a piece. I rescued them from being binned as I couldn’t bear to see them thrown away. Unfortunately, the missing piece seems to contain nearly all the faces!

It originally came in a box, with the six full images included on separate printed sheets to help small children complete the puzzle. I don’t know its age or who manufactured it as there is nothing written on the blocks or original packaging.

Not sure what these little guys are yet, with rubber bodies and changeable faces. The marbles are also still a mystery!

I love this birthday train candle holder set, and the box is super too. Each carriage is a circus animal in a cage.


I found plushes of various shapes and sizes!

Cookie Monster is all mine and I love him, although I’m not sure I can keep up with his lusts for biscuits! I also found myself a Care Bears “Cheer Bear”, Shopkins, Shnooks and what turned out to be a duplicate Frizzys (so will sell on!) I may part with the Mr Men (so made them a badge), but not sure yet!

Some toys I have created badges for their sales lots, including the light-up moving and talking Fimbles (very creepy with low batteries!), Mr Toad from Wind In The Willows, Chicken Run, three little Pokemons and Monsters Inc. I also found Narutu, AniMagic, Beanie Bears, Teletubbies and a Tigger who talks but refuses to jump!

Fast Food Toys

I found four more Secret Life of Pets 2 figures (and a plush), two UglyDolls, two Pokemon, Adventure Time, Peter Rabbit, Nintendo, Action Man, Dinosaur, Penguins of Madagascar, Lego Movie 2, Chipmunks, Rio, Snoopy, Ty Beanies and a Furby in packet. Most of these I’ll be selling on in various groups with badges.

Books & Annuals

I found three 1980s Rupert annuals (selling), a wonderfully illustrated book called Dragon Quest book (keeping), two Mrs Hedgehog annuals (these are doubles bought to sell on), a Noddy annual (selling) and Blue Jeans 1979 (keeping).