Sally’s Magnetic Danger Boots

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I came back with a nice selection of toys and books from last weekends carboot sale, including two Furbys, three little Disney Princess Mini Toddler figures, a Sally Secrets doll, a Sylvanian Families dog, six vintage Ladybird books, a crocheted plush figure from Paperchase and Pucca bag.


The Baby Furby on the right is from the second generation produced by Hasbro in 2005. The purple one on the right is from their latest incarnation from 2012 and called Fussby.

Sally Secrets

Sadly Sally she is missing some of her clothing (and all her secrets!), but still has a few original items. She was produced by Mattel in 1993, and I really should add her to my site.

Disney Princess: Mini Toddlers

I found Snow White, Ariel and Cinderella. They are about 3 inches high.

Sylvanian Families

This little doggy figure is Ryan Forrester, the father from the Forrester Family. After taking his photo I realised his dungarees were on under his shirt. All his clothes have faded, and so has the patch on his face.


I need to put a longer strap on this little bag so I can use it, but great for 33p.


I made some badges from the wrapping paper of this line, which are available to buy in my shop here:

Ladybird Books

I spied a little pile of old Ladybird books and chose these six (the ones I left were mostly all biblical).

Learning To Read ~ “Going To School”

It was first published in 1959, with this version printed in the latter half of 1971 (280 titles and 15p).

Junior Science ~ “Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries”

This book has lost its dust cover, which was originally published in 1962, with this being printed between 1963-65 (buff coloured boards with the logo on a plain back). Inside there is a school stamp from 5th March 1965, so assuming it was new when they bought it, I would date this book to 1965.

Key Words Easy Readers ~ “Danger Men” Book Two

The price of 2/6, 12½p on the back cover and only two books in this series listed inside (this one being book two) make this a first edition from 1970.

The mark over the original price was where the “revised price 15p stickers were stuck on from June 1971 on previously printed but unsold books.

Easy Reading ~ “People at Work: The Policeman”

The “revised price 15p” sticker was placed over the top of the original 2/6, 12½p price (as with the above book) in 1971 when the price went up in June.

This book was first published in 1962, with this version being printed in early 1971 (tally 280, original printed price 2/6, 12½p).

Easy Reading ~ “Well-Loved Tales: The Gingerbread Boy”

A tally of 300 and price of 15p date this book to 1973. It was first published in 1966.

Easy Reading ~ “Well-Loved Tales: Puss in Boots”

A tally of 280 and the original price of 12½p (before being revised to 15p) date this book to early 1971. It was first published in 1967.