Secrets Chubby Muffins

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After finding one Chubby Puppies last week, I found seven more plus two playsets! I also found a Furby Boom, Yo-Kai Watch, Little Miss Muffin, Snoopy, Zomlings, Minions, Pokemon, Secret Life of Pets, a Pony In My Pocket base and an unknown chair.

Chubby Puppies

All but one of the seven puppies work, and there are three little pieces missing from the large Pet Fun Centre playset (swing, heart from umbrella and one gate). The Ice Cream Cart mini playset is complete, and there is also a purple tunnel from another mini playset and two puppy toys.

Furby Boom

I love my Furbys, and this is the first Boom version I have found. The old batteries had leaked quite badly inside, but after a good cleaning it worked perfectly. It even came with its eye mask.

Yo-Kai Watch

No idea what this was, but thought it looked interesting and came with loads of coins and figures. I now understand its craziness!

Little Miss Muffin

These are across between Strawberry Shortcake plush and Cupcake Surprise. There were several different colours made and came in two sizes: 8″ (these ones) and 20″. Produced in 2011 by Jay at Play.


Not sure why I bought them both!

Little Figures


Playset Items

The Pony In My Pocket base is missing its gate. The green chair is unknown.