Spin A Magic Inman

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After visiting the folks last weekend I came back laden with charity shop goodies (as per usual)! My favourite find was the John Inman With A Bit Of Brass LP, bought mainly for the cover. I also found four annuals and two story books. And a rather magnificent brown tie from the seventies…

John Inman With A Bit Of Brass

Exactly as you would expect it to sound.

Spin A Magic Tune

“Twenty fantastic new songs about your favourite cartoon characters.”

Grange Hill Annuals ~ 1986 & 1987

The photo-stories are surprisingly good still!

I took the above quiz and discovered I am in fact a computer genius.

Fame Annual 1984

I’m not sure why I buy these. I also have a lot of Fame LP’s too. I don’t know why I keep buying them either.

Patches Annual 1987

The photo-stories in Patch are not a patch (a-hem) on the Grange Hill ones, but I love the dye-it-yourself boiler suit fashion spread.

Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs [Puffin, 1981]

“Blooming chimneys!” Lovely, grumbly Father Christmas.

Steel Eye and the Lost Magic [Ladybird, 1987]

I recommend the magic stay lost after giving this adventure game book a go. The illustrations are good, but the best bit about it is the handwritten text in the back on the competition page:

“Nex time you mak a book don’t mak it scary” (Clare Connor, age 8)

And now the purchase you have all been waiting for, the brown tie! Designed by Caravelle, made in West Germany, 100% polyester and originally cost £1.49.

The pattern brings to mind 1970’s motorway rest stops and Pac-Man.