The Buildable Horrors

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I couldn’t resist buying a few of the “horror” movie buildable characters I came across on Temu when looking for Skeletor socks (as you do). There were lots to choose from, these being my favourites from the figures in stock.

Each figure came in its own packet ready to be built with an accessory (excluding Elvira) and a base, and all but one came with a spare hand. The figures fit together easily, and although not authentic Lego are very similar and a fraction of the price (£1.68 with free postage). I ordered them on 16th Jun and they arrived 8 days later with lots of tracking updates.


Beetlejuice came with a snake which is slightly too slim to fit securely in his hand, or too thick if twisted a little. He has a double-sided head with two different faces.


Chucky came with a stabby-knife.


Elvira didn’t come with any accessories. This is the only figure which doesn’t look like the stock photo as the colouring of her body screening does not match her head and hands.

House of 1000 Corpses “Captain Spaulding”

Captain Spaulding came with a clown portrait. He has a double-sided head with two different faces.

It “Pennywise”

Pennywise came with two balloons. He has a double-sided head with two different faces.

The Nightmare Before Christmas “Jack Skeleton”

Jack Skeleton came with a pumpkin he can either hold or wear over his head. I swapped his base for that of Sally as it is the wider kind and suits him much better.

The Nightmare Before Christmas “Sally”

Sally came with a two-part flower. She has a double-sided head with two different faces.

Trick ‘r Treat “Sam”

Sam came with a pumpkin lollypop with a bite taken out of it and a removable mask which fits over a plain black head.

They are now all living happily on top of my PC with room for more.