The Dangerous Life of Knitted Ladybirds

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July is already off to a flying start, even with just a smattering of charity shops able to re-open. My favourite find as a Fabuland book by Ladybird, and the oddest is probably the “Royal Knits” craft book!

I piked up a fantastic pile of Toy Story figures, and a Power Rangers action figure. I also found lots of plushies, including The Gruffalo, Danger Mouse, Secret Life of Pets, Odbods, 1990s Beanie Babies and a Zhu Zhu Pets grubby puppy. Fast food toy finds include Freddo, Minions, Animal Jam and Teenie Beanie Boos.

I also bought an interesting selection of LP’s (all 10p each). I’m looking forward to seeing “Fanlight Fanny” has to offer!


I found a nice bundle of Toy Story figures. Sadly, Slinky Dog is a bit saggy in the middle and Woody has lost his string (sound button on front still works), but I may be able to repair them a little. I also found a couple of Shopkins, a blue Toonz and a Power Rangers “Zeo Dino Thunder”.

Plush Toys

I found a super large Gruffalo (needs a little repairing), Danger Mouse, four Secret Life of Pets, The Dog, Minions, a Pokemon-ish character, a grubby Zhu Zhu Pets puppy, and a grumpy looking “Jeff” fromĀ  Odbods.

I found a nice pile of 90’s Ty Beanie Babies. I have a couple more from this era, so will sell them on together as a bundle.

Fast Food Toys

I found a good little pile of Animal Jam, Ty Beanie Babies, a couple of Minions, Secret Life of Pets, and a Freddo Frog (he’s so soft)!


Lego/Fabuland: Edward and Friends “Lionel’s Car” & “Edward to the Rescue”

How did I not know these existed?

Rainbow “The Circus Come to Town”

Why are Bungles hands so terrifying?

Play School “Humpty’s Happy Book”

Royal Knits: Designer Knitting for the Monarchy and Monarchists

And hiding within the cover was this “Best Look Family Knitting” pull-out from Peoples Friend magazine.


Other Stuff

I also bought some excellent pyjama bottoms and a onesie for cutting up and making into other things. One idea is to use the fabric as the front and back panels in between the gaps left when turning old jeans into skirts. Or even make a whole skirt using bits from each.