The Frizzy Clanger Spiral

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A Saturday morning trip to the wood yard last week, via the Lions charity shop (of course), paid of with this little lot! I found a large Frizzys, a Clanger, two mermaid tags, a Peko tin, a little leather kitty purse and a pink spiral thingie!


This is my favourite find of the day, a Frizzys called “Zeezee” produced by Ty in 2015. Ty made quite a few different characters for their Frizzys line, this being one of my favourites. Flatten its hair, give it a shake, and its hair fluffs back up again!


This little whistling Clanger called “Major” is from 1999. He no longer works and there is no way to change the battery without opening up the stitching.

Mermaid Tags

I saw these Mermaid identity tags and thought “necklace”!

Kitty Purse

A few weeks back I bought a little leather panda purse from Lions, then whilst rummaging three weeks ago I found a matching kitty purse. However. I was so laden down with finds I dropped it on the floor of the shop without realising it so never bought it. I woke up in a cold sweat a week later when I remembered what I found but forgot to buy! Luckily it was still there last Saturday, so is now MINE!

Fujiya Peko

I used to collect little tins like this back in the eighties, so it immediately caught my eye. Fujiya is a Japanese confectionery company, and Peko one of its brands. The tin originally came with milk candy sweets inside.

Pink Spiral

This tiny pint plastic slinky style toy is far to small and light to actually work, but it’s cute.