The Mighty Bag Of Power

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I was very generously given a carrier bag crammed full of action figures during lockdown earlier this year, and found some amazing toys within! There were several large Marvel figures and a super collection of Power Rangers, as well as a second bag full of fast food toys.

Marvel & DC

Nearly all these figures have sold, Spider-Hulk going all the way to the Philippines to it’s very happy new owner!


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Power Rangers

This big bundle has now sold.


Quite a few of these are Power Rangers.

Other Figures

The soldier will go into a bundle for sale when I’ve collected enough, the two Space Quest figures have already sold.

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I’m keeping the Papo figure, whilst the Star Wars and Gormiti figures will go into bundles for sale when I’ve collected enough.

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Sale links:

I’ve yet to ID these three.

Fast Food

There was a whole bag of fast food toys, yet to photograph.

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