Tickle My Stretchy Troll

Check out my TOY SALES on eBay!

Lots more toys for resale, plus a few for myself. Best finds include a large Monster High doll and a big bag of Moshi Monsters!


I found a large My Little Pony, another Bouncin’ Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, Tickle Me Elmo from Sesame Street, Minnie Mouse, three Trolls, Bing, a purple devil Emoji, Hatchimals and a baby Kitty Surprise.

Sparkly Trolls!

These Beanie Babies are for my own collection. There was a massive basket full of them (£2 each), so picked out a ghost, dinosaur and wolf.


I found a couple of Monster High dolls (ones I’ve already got, so for resale), a lovely Dawn doll in original dress, Barbie, Dora The Explorer and Moxie Girls.


I found a super Doctor Who DVD boxset shaped like the TARDIS, a few Gogo’s Crazy Bones, Hotel Transylvania, two Lalaloopsy minis, two Minions, a huge bag of Moshi Monsters, a G3 My Little Pony, Pingu, a bag of flocked Puppy In My Pocket, a Royal Breeds pony, a well loved Rubik’s Cube, Scooby Doo, a super Soldier Force playset, Stretch Armstrong, a few Trash Pack, a Wallace & Gromit keyring and a few Zomlings in a tin.

I found lots of little figures, including a big bag of Moshi Monsters. I’ve yet to sort through them to see which ones I’m missing. I also picked up an empty tin.

From Moshi Monsters to Soldier Force! This is the Steel Badger playset.

I’m keeping this fabulous egg cup! You crack the egg open with the bouncy hammer.

The Minion on the left lights up, and the one on the right has a moving eye.

I already own this season of Doctor Who, but not in the TARDIS box, which is fab.