Transformers: Doorbells In Disguise

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What did I buy last week? Vintage toys include a View Master with three reels, a Troll wearing inline skates and a super 1970’s doorbell! I also found a few Barbie dolls, a Sindy and Littlest Pet Shop “Blythe” doll, a modern Popples and Cabbage Patch Kids, Zelfs, two FurReal Pets and a Zhu Zhu puppy, a Cupcake Surprise with extra hat, three Palace Pets with extra tails and crowns, several McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, a little Lalaloopsy doll with spare head, Zomlings, Fingerlings, Pingu‘s igloo (which goes with the three figures from the previous week), a Doctor Who necklace Transformers and a few other little figures. I bought a couple of baby dresses to have a go at making doll dresses from too.

View Master

This red View Master is just like the one I had as a child in the 80s. It came with three reels: “Mr Funny“, “Mr Silly” and “Disneyland“.


Top row, left to right: the squidgy bodied Barbie is interesting and I’ve never come across a doll made like this before. She is a Dance ‘n Flex Barbie from 2002. Then there is a Barbie: Swan Lake “Princess Odette” from 2003 (wrong dress), a Barbie: Cali Girl “Lea” with beach feet (wrong outfit) from 2004, and a Barbie: Fairytopia Mermaidia “Elina” (no wings or skirt). The doll on the far right is from the 2002 Sindy doll line, but I can find very little on her (I worked out she is called “Mya“, but that is it). I thought at first her hair had gone ultra frizzy, but it was made like that and had just become unstyled. I’ve plated it to make sure it doesn’t become knotted.

Along the bottom are a mini Mattel mermaid (from Barbie Fairytopia?), two Disney Princess Darlings, and Littlest Pet Shop Blythe (possibly from the Pinwheels & Daisies set, but wearing the wrong dress).

The Cabbage Patch Kids doll is a modern JAKKS Pacific version. She has blue eyes, blond hair (cut short), and braces on her teeth. The Cupcake Surprise is from the Wedding line. I also found an extra hat lurking in a box at the carboot which is the exact one I was missing for one of my other dolls! The mini Lalaloopsy is a Loopy Hair doll called “Spot Splatter Splash“. The head belongs to “Sir Battlescarred“. Very battle scarred as he has no body!

I picked up a few little bits and pieces at the carboot, including the mask handle for the Ever After High doll I bought a few weeks back (from the same chap). There is an Enchantimals panda pet, a Barbie helmet, My Little PonySpike” mini, Hello Kitty mini, Moshi Monsters mini, a Zelfs brush and a few odd shoes and other doll bits. I’m not sure about the shell yet.

Trolls & Zelfs

There has been a rash of mid-80s Trolls around my area of late in the charity shops, but all rather overpriced (£5 each or more) and many are not to my taste. This little guy was only 20p and has scrubbed up nicely! I also picked up this super FrankenZelf and a small modern Troll from the movie.


I’ve actually never seen one of the modern Popples. It’s a decent size and has a voice box inside so when you fold her up she chatters away. She’s called “Bubbles” and is from the Talk and Pop line and makes a “pop” noise when unfolded, which is quite amusing!

Zhu Zhu Pets & FurReal Friends “Furry Frenzies”

Some more of these little guys, which, like Trolls, I have also noticed turning up all over the place. I have mine all lined up in a row and press their noses whilst making up my badge/magnet orders!

On the left is FurRealPinky McSkunky” and on the right is FurReal Furrstars on Tour! Starring Flurry In A Hurry“. In the middle is Zhu Zhu PuppyLoolah“.


I’ve got a nice little collection of these guys now, and a couple more carts too, which are als perfect for carrying around spare body parts.


I found a pink monkey (with tail this time!) and a unicorn at the carboot.


So, I bought the three Pingu figures a couple of weeks ago, then when I got home I looked them up and found out they were part of a larger playset. I remembered seeing the table, sled and a chair in the same charity shop so popped back in to buy them but was most annoyed to find someone else had got there first! I then noticed the igloo on the floor (it wasn’t there before), which totally made up for it!

Doctor Who

This necklace is the Seal of Rassilon from 2009 (Matt Smith era).

Star Wars Transformers

This little figure is an “Anakin Skywalker to Jedi StarfighterStar Wars Transformers from 2012. I forgot to put his light sabres in his hands when transformed (can hold both).

Figures & Fast Food Toys

Research suggests that the KFC “Balto” figure is very rare, so a really good find! I found quite a few other fast food figures, and one or two others.

I bought up the rest of the packaged McDonald’s toys left in the box in one of the charity shops I visit (I bought some a couple of weeks back from there). Four of them are from Tarzan, and go with the loose figure I picked up from a different shop. There is also a plush Tarzan toy from a different set. I also found another Dinosaur Squirter, a couple of Treasure Planet toys, and a Sega Robo-Chi fish.

Door Bell ~ Friedland Chime 954 “Hi-Lo”

I love the packaging for this 1970s door bell and transformer (which also takes batteries). I have yet to install it.

Dolly Dressmaking

I bought these two lovely baby dresses to turn into large dolly dresses. More photos when I get around to making them!