Transforming Frosted Eyeballs

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I found lot of little figures towards the end of October into November (before the shops shut again). I’m quite taken with the two Star Wars glowing helmets, so will be keeping them! I also found TaleSpin, Disney’s Robin Hood, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Soldier Force and Transformers (to name but a few). Most toys are for resale.

Figures For Resale

I found these the same day my last Soldier Force lost sold. The diver with flippers is quite hard to find, so a nice bundle altogether.

I’m not a gamer, otherwise I would keep hold of this booby Lara Croft from Tomb Raider! I’m quite a fan of Indiana Jones, but as this is a Crystal Skull figure will resell. He’s highly articulated for a little guy! I also found Baloo from TailSpin and Little John from Disney’s Robin Hood 1973 animation (the figure is from 2004).

I found a two Transformers mini BotBots (have a third to add to a resale bundle) and a purple jet plane GenerationsCyclonus“.

I also found “Rosie” the black widow spider from Bug’s Life, My Little Pony “Spike”, a little bundle of Zomlings cars (plus a couple of Super Zings vehicles), World of Warriors with little guard houses, Marvel “Green Goblin”, Bob the Builders‘ cat “Pilchard”, a Pokemon “Pikachu” keyring, the teapot from Beauty and the Beast, and a My Beautiful Horses brown pony (who was desperately in need of some hair care). Plus an unknown chair of great sturdiness!

I also found a few McDonald’s toys to add to bundles, along with the last character missing from my Secret Life of Pets resale bundle (currently removed from ebay until updated). Ugly Dolls were all over the charity shops when they were first given away, so were obviously not that popular. I love them though, so snapped these two up regardless of already having them! I also bought another Mr Bump cup as I decided to keep the one I found last month (this one will be added to a bundle for resale). I found a naked Penny from The Amazing World of Gumball, a few Trolls, a Scooby Doo eyeball and the latest Minions.

Figures For Me!

A pair of fabulous Star Wars lights, Vinylmation, a legless Womble, Kidrobot, Dodgy Donut from the Grossery Gang, two more Glimmies with house, Martha from Doctor Who (Rose to be resold as I already have her), and a Kellogg’s Frosties tin.