Transmutant Power Force

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I found quite a few large size action figures earlier this month, including Power Rangers, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most are up for sale now.


Both for sale:

Power Rangers

Both for sale:


All for sale:

Prime Beast Hunters ” Predaking” is quite the figure!

Action Figures

A smattering of various figures for resale.

Little Figures

The two Yu-Gi-Oh! figures sold immediately as I listed them! Ryan’s World, World of Warriors, Soldier Force and The Corps! are for later resale in bundles. I’m keeping Face from The A-Team (no fingers), Zeratul from Cute But Deadly (arm missing) and the little unknown figure.


The Matchbox car turns out to be a pre-production version with a blue paint job. Quite rare! I don’t know what the two plastic cars are from . They are very similar to a promo toy produced by Nesquik, but not. Possibly 1980’s.

Other Figures

A small pile of knights and horses rummaged loose of out a charity shop toy box. Since buying these I have found a few more, so will sell together shortly.


I picked all these little weapons out of a toy box at the first car boot sale I attended in May. I’ve had help to id a few, but most are still unknown.

Can you help?