Tres Fabulous PigZillas!

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Plush finds this month so far include Batman, Finding Dory, FurReal Pets, Peppa Pig, Squishimals, Teeny Beanie Boos and Zingzillas. I also found a vintage Troll and a “tres fabulous” Miss Piggy (keeping!).

To Sell

I bought the little pile of ZingZillas board books some time ago in the hope of finding a couple of other items to make unto a bundle. The rucksack I found at the beginning of November, and I just found a plush “Panzee”.

This little FurReal Pets “Lovimals” is really cute, making all sorts of sweet singing sounds. Princess Peppa Pig sings “Ring a Ring a Roses” when you hold both her hands (thus creating a circuit via the two metal buttons).

These three small Finding Dory plush toys are really so, and the purple Squishimals “Becky Rabbit” is even softer.

I picked up three more McDonald’s/Ty Teenie Beanie Boos to add into bundles of fives, as well as a vintage ballerina Troll by Russ.

To Keep

I shall be keeping Miss Piggy, at least for a while. It took about an hour to carefully brush through her hair and get her ringlets back, and now she’s looking “tres fabulous”!