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"From a swampy bog that time forgot... they're Boglins!"

Boglins were produced by Mattel/Action GT/Ideal in 1986-94 and started life as a series of large, rubbery monster handpuppets with moveable eyes which were sold in "caged" packaging. There were also several smaller versions, miniatures, stickers and various other items as the line grew in popularity.
Boglins were firstly produced by Mattel in 1986 for the US market (which lasted about two years), and then taken over by Action GT and Ideal (also marked Seven Towns) for the UK/Euro market. In 2000-01 the line was reissued by three more UK/Euro companies (Lansay, Awesome Toys and Vivid Imagination)with a small, new line of toys.

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Action Boglins

There were five Action Boglins produced by Ideal in 1994. When squeezed, they would either spit, tongue poke out, eyeballs poke out, ooze from its pustules or burp (sounded more like a squeak). They were sold in little plastic cages which were orange, yellow, blue or green.

The most common are Iball, Spit and Likk.

Rasp is very hard to find. It was made using Ibal's mould, which was either dirty green or turquoise (although I've not come across a green Rasp as yet). Iball and Rasp were never sold in part of the same set, it was one or the other. This may have been due to certain countries not wanting a burping toy, or maybe Iball replacing Rasp early on or Rasp replacing Iball near the end of production in some countries. We'll probably never know!

The illustration of Rasp in the middle is from Japanese packaging. I'm not sure of the origin of the packaging on the left. Gunge also appeares to be very rare. I've found a UK back packaging showing Gunge with Iball, Spit and Likk, so maybe Gunge was only sold in the UK? Gunge also looked quite different from the other Action Boglins, mainly because it contained slime so was more stocky and solid (the other three were rubbery).

Likk, Spit, & Iball (same as turquoise Rasp)


Likk Spit

Iball (turquoise) Iball (green)



Japanese Packaging Euro? Packaging

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Boglins :: Action