Bouncin' Kids

Bouncin' Babies

"The dolls that really move!"

Bouncin' Babies, Kids, Ponies, Princesses and Big Sisters were produced by Galoob in 1988-90. Each doll or pony could move in various ways, powered by a battery. Babies and Kids had plenty of playsets, accessories and outfits sold separately as well as the various items they came with. The ponies also had separate carriages but the line ran out of steam before the Princess or big Sister sub-lines took off any further.

They were mainly sold in US, but also in UK and parts of Europe. The French version, called Bebes Boom, was produced by Galoob/Pipo, the Italian version by Galoob/Gig, and the UK version by Rainbow Toys/Galoob. They were also sold in Germany. I've found very few packaging images of the non US version. Other than the language difference, the packaging designs were the same as the US versions.

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Bouncin' Kids

There were seven dolls, five playsets and six outfits produced in the Bouncin' Kids line.


"They're the most active, the most fun kids on the block! They're Bouncin' Kids and they really move, so they can do things that real kids can do!"

There were seven Bouncin' Kids dolls produced which were about 8 inches high and could each move in a different ways. Each doll came with removeable clothing, a comb, ribbon, and a small playset accessorey relating to their theme. Three of these dolls, if not all, were made in both black and white versions.

Bouncin' Kids

Ballerina Kid & Her Mirror

"Ballerina Kid really dances, just like a real ballerina! Just pose her arms and legs, press her crown, and she twirls and dances - just the way you want her too! She can warm up with the exercise bar and her full-length mirror, too!"

Bouncin' KidsBouncin' Kids

Cyclin' Kid & her Bike

"Cyclin' Kid really rides her bike, just like a real kid! Put her on her freewheeling tricycle and she'll ride and ride!"

Bouncin' KidsBouncin' Kids

Skatin' Kid & Her Chair

"Skatin' Kid really roller skates, just like a real kid! And when she's done skating, she can relax in her own special beach chair."

Bouncin' KidsBouncin' Kids

Swimmin' Kid  & Her Surfboard

Bouncin' Kids

Talk 'n Cheer Kid & Her Cheerleading Set

"Talk 'n Cheer Kid really talks and cheers - just like a real kid! With her cheerleader outfit, pom-poms and megaphone, she's ready to cheer for your team. Just pull her voice string - Talk 'n Cheer Kid says "Comb my hair!", "Go team!" and "I love you!" - just like a real kid!"

Bouncin' Kids

Tumblin' Kid & Her Parallel Bars

"Turn her on and she does 3 different routines - just like a real gymnast! She tumbles on the floor, or does routines on the bars."

Bouncin' Kids

Scootin' Kid & HerScooter

I have as yet to find an image of Scootin' Kid in packaging or looose.

Bouncin' Kids


There were five playsets produced for the Bouncin' Kids, not sold with dolls. The slide and teeter totter were sold with Tumblin' Kid as a delux set, as was the buggy with Swimmin' Kid.


"The slide is a fun playground ride that your Bouncin' Kids love to play on - just the way you do!"

Teeter Totter

"The teeter-totter is a working playground ride that your Bouncin' Kids love to play on - just the way you do!"

Deluxe Playground Set

The slide and teeter totter were sold with Tumblin' Kid as a delux set. I have yet to find a packaging image of this set.

Fun Scooter

The Fun Scooter was the last playset to be added, shown only on the back of the Bouncin' Princess packaging. I have yet to find a packaging image of this playset, either loose or boxed.

Bouncin' Kids

Soda Fountain

"A fun place to get an ice-cream treat!"

The Soda Fountain playset came with:

  • Sun canopy, counter and 4 seats
  • 4 trays with plates and cups

Sun Buggy

"The Sun Buggy is a fun car that your Bouncin' Kids love to ride in when they go on picnic - just like you do!"

The Sun Buggy was sold both with and without Swimmin' Kid. It came with a picnic basket and blanket.


"The bold and bright active wear outfits are the latest fun fashions for your Bouncin' Kids!"

There were six outfits produced for the Bouncin' Kids to wear.

Bouncin' Kids Bouncin' Kids
Bathrobe Nightgown

Bouncin' Kids Bouncin' Kids
Party Dress Play Outfit

Sweatsuit Warm Ups

For Sale

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Bouncin' Kids