Chubbles :: Chiggles

"They live on love!"

Chubbles and friends were produced by Animal Fair in 1984-85. They were interactive plush toys, which reacted to either light or sound with flashing eyes, noses or beeps. There was a small set of plastic figures which also lit up.

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"Welcome to Firefly Forest. A very magical place, where Chubbles and Chiggles play in the light of Moonglow Pond with their Firefly Friends. It's a special place, filled with the loving glow of happy sounds."

Chiggles was produced in two sizes, and in various colours. It responded to sound and it's eyes would light up and giggle.

Large Chiggles

The larger version was about 8 inches high.

These two Chiggles have hearts on their sides:

Small Chiggles

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Chubbles :: Chiggles