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"Cupcakes hide inside 'til it's time to surprise!"

Cupcakes were produced by Tonka in 1990 then by Kenner from 1991-92. They were a series of scented dolls with plastic skirts which when turned inside out transformed into edible goodies with their hats becoming the icing. Along with the dolls there were several playsets and accessories produced too.
Cupcakes had a small revival in 1998 when Fun Source re-issued a few of the dolls. They were produced by Radica in 2005, Estrela in 2012-15 and Emco in 2015.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Cupcakes
  • Italy: Le Sorpresine (Surprises)

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There were five playsets produced. As with the dolls (of which none were included), each playset turned from one item into another (as described by their names). The packaging images changes when Kenner took over production from Tonka.

Banana Split Bedroom [Pets & Furniture Playset]

"Banana Split Bedroom changes from a banana split into a bedroom playset. The bedroom has a beauty vanity, and also includes a candy bon bon that becomes a pet kitty."

Tonka Packaging Kenner Packaging

Cake and Ice Cream Kitchen [Pets & Furniture Playset]

"Cake & Ice Cream Kitchen changes from a piece of cake with ice cream to a kitchen playset. Also includes a candy bon bon that becomes a puppy."

Kenner Packaging

Dessert Shop Pie [Tasty Treat Playset]

"Dessert Shop Pie changes from a whipped pie into a Dessert Shop Playset. The Dessert Shop comes with lots of accessories so your Cupcake dolls can make. bake, eat and sell their favourite desserts."

Tonka Packaging Kenner Packaging

Ice Cream Sundae Vanity [Tasty Treat Playset]

"Ice Cream Sundae Vanity changes from a yummy looking ice cream sundae into a fancy beauty vanity playset for the Cupcake dolls to use."

Tonka Packaging

Tea Party Cake [Tasty Treat Playset]

"Tea Party Cake changes from a fancy cake into a fun tea party playset for the cupcake dolls to use."

Tonka Packaging Kenner Packaging


"Free Cupcake Jewellery! Send for your necklace and ring!"

The back of some later produced packaging included Cupcake Points, of which twelve were needed to send off for the jewellery. I've never seen any images of these items unfortunately, please contact me of you know anything more!

There were a also a few other items made to go alongside the dolls.

Birthday Party Set


  • Instructions
  • Menus
  • "Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake"
  • Word Search
  • Maze Craze
  • Cutout Placemarks and Name Tags
  • 4 Invitations
  • Party Hats
  • Cupcakes Theme Song
  • Stickers


Flask & Lunchbox

For Sale

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