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"Her ponytail grows right before your eyes!"

Dolly Surprise were produced by Playskool / Hasbro in 1987-1990. They were a line of 10 inch dolls with hair growing abilities. When her right arm was raised up her ponytail would "magically" grow by over 3 inches. Her left arm, when raised up and down, would wind the ponytail back in to her head. There was also a smaller line of 6.5 inch dolls, a couple of colour-change dolls, a larger baby doll and toddler doll as well as a few fashions for the original 10 inch dolls.

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There were six sets of fashions produced for the 10 inch dolls.

Beach Party Butterfly Braids Garden Party

Pretty Bows Ship Shape Sleep Tight

For Sale

Dolly Surprise :: Fashion