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"Birds with happy endings!"

Fairy Tails were produced by Hasbro in 1986/87. They were a series of colourful plastic bird with long hair and symbols on their chests, similar in colour to My Little Pony. Each bird came with a perch which their feet could grip onto when they were no longer gripping onto your fingers! They also came with a comb and ribbons for their long multi coloured hair. There were a few playsets produced but I don't know of any other accessories.

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Fan Tails

"They're elegant friends with fan-cy ends! Little girls will love these fan-tastic birds with sparkling fan tails that open and close for a most exquisite look. Their feet easily wrap around the perch or open flat for a standing pose. Each Fan Tail comes with a hair ribbon, comb and perch."

The Fan Tail series had metallic fan tails which could open and close, and fan symbol on their chests. They had longer than usual hair and each came with a perch, comb and ribbon.

Daisy Tails

Had a flower symbol and came with a white pirch and pink comb.

Fancy Tails

Had a bow symbol and came with a terquoise pirch and purple comb.

Flutter Tails

Had a butterfly symbol, and came with a blue pirch and white comb.

Frosty Tails

Had an ice cream symbol.

Lovebird Tails

Had a _ symbol, and came with a purple pirch and pink comb.

Sparkle Tails

Had a star symbol.

Hasbro Catalogue 1988

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Fairy Tails :: Fan Tail