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"Birds with happy endings!"

Fairy Tails were produced by Hasbro in 1986/87. They were a series of colourful plastic bird with long hair and symbols on their chests, similar in colour to My Little Pony. Each bird came with a perch which their feet could grip onto when they were no longer gripping onto your fingers! They also came with a comb and ribbons for their long multi coloured hair. There were a few playsets produced but I don't know of any other accessories.

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"From south of the border comes this fabulous array of Fairy Tail birds with bright, exotic colours and raised body designs. Each bird has long, colourful hair to style and comes with its own comb, hair ribbon and palm tree perch. Bird's feet easily wrap around the perch or can be opened so she will stand up on a flat surface"

The Tropical series came in bright colours. Made from a new mould, they had raised symbols as well as molded visors, sunglasses or hats and their stands were shaped like a palm tree. They also came with a comb and ribbons.

Hula Hula

Pina Colada Tails

Sea Breeze Tails

Sunny Tails

Tootie Tails

Top Banana Tails


This image of from a 1988 Hasbro Catalogue.

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Fairy Tails :: Tropical