Fashion Star Fillies :: Fashion Accessories

"In the world of ultra glamorous fashion, one name is on everyones lips: Fashion Star Fillies!"

Fashion Star Fillies were produced by Kenner in the mid 1980's. They were a series of shimmery, multi-coloured horses which could have their long manes and tails styled and bodies painted. There were several sets of fashion wear, hair & body adornments and one playset.

Images on this page thanks to The Filly Catwalk!

Fashion Accessories

There were three sets of fashion wear, each set comprising of four different outfits. Teen Fashion outfits each came with a small pet animal and they all came with trading cards.

Fun Fashions

"Fun fashions have been specifically designed to make your filly look her best. You can have the excitement of your own fashion show by collecting all four of the beautiful Fashion Star Fillies fashions".

Beach Star
Beauty Swimwear
Five Star
Wedding Gown
Star Lace
Evening Gown
Star Power
Workout Outfit

Feelin' Fancy Fashions

Five Star
Wedding Gown
Movie Star
Magic Gown
Star Burst
Sunsuit Outfit
Star Fire
Western Outfit

Teen Fashions

Prom Star
Fun Outfit
Rock Star
Sizzle Outfit
Cheerleader Outfit
Star Light
Ballet Outfit

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Fashion Star Fillies :: Fashion Accessories