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"Once upon a time in a magic pet shop, there lived six Fluppy dogs, each with a pom-pom nose, satin bows and fun-to-tie-up hair. A snuggly soft fluppy dog wants to be your best friend."

Fluppy Dogs began life as a Disney animation in 1986 and quickly turned into plush toys produced by Kenner. Along with the dogs & puppies there were also fashions sets & accessories, books and various other items. The line was due for expansion in 1987, but it never happened.

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Fluppy Puppies

"Introducing Fluppy Puppies, the new arrivals in the Fluppy Dog Family. They're so doggone cute, children are sure to give them all the special care and affection they need. Each perky pooch features a unique detachable bonnet, a little adorable face with pom-pom nose, plus soft terrycloth booties to keep their paws warm and dry. They come with their own personality medallion, just like Fluppy Dogs."

There were six Fluppy Puppies produced which were 9" high and each came with a bonnet or hair bow. There were also three sets of puppy twins due for production in 1987, but it never happened.

Nuzzle-Pup Tickle-Pup Tumble-Pup

Twinkle-Pup Wiggle-Pup Wobble-Pup

Each pup came with a bonnet or hair bow. Twinkle-Pup's bow is quite clear in the image above, so I've not included it below.

[no image]
Nuzzle-Pup's Bonnet Tickle-Pup's Bonnet Tumble-Pup's Bonnet Wiggle-Pup's Bonnet Wobble-Pup's Bonnet

Like the adults, the puppies were sold in basket packaging.

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Fluppy Dogs :: Puppies