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"Once upon a time in a magic pet shop, there lived six Fluppy dogs, each with a pom-pom nose, satin bows and fun-to-tie-up hair. A snuggly soft fluppy dog wants to be your best friend."

Fluppy Dogs began life as a Disney animation in 1986 and quickly turned into plush toys produced by Kenner. Along with the dogs & puppies there were also fashions sets & accessories, books and various other items. The line was due for expansion in 1987, but it never happened.

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Woof Wear

"What will the well-dressed Fluppy Dog be wearing this year? Woof Ware of course! Featuring hook and loop fasteners, so it's easy for little fingers to dress and undress their favourite Flup."

There were at six fashion accessories sets called Woof Wear produced for the Fluppy Dogs.

Dashing Jog Jogging Togs Pedigree Party Dress Pooped Pup-Jamas Puddle Splashers

There were six "Woof" grooming accessories produced for the Fluppy Dogs. US packaging is marked "Fluppy Dogs" and European packaging is marked "Fluppys".

Bows 'N Bones Grooming Set Pedigree Party Collar Ruffles 'n Ribbons Bone Ball

The yellow packaging below were Makeit & Bakeit Suncathers.

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Fluppy Dogs :: Woof Wear