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"Make amusing pictures with gaily coloured felt shapes!"

Fuzzy Felt were produced by Allan Industries from 1950 onwards and were felt shapes which clung to a fuzzy board for endless picture variations. They reached their height of poplarity in the 1970's and are still going strong today, with old and new sets now produced by John Adams/Toy Broker.

Images on this page are either mine or thanks to various eBay sellers!


These are the story-themed Fuzzy Felt sets. I've also included box illustration variations and leaflets where found. The dates found on the leaflets are when the designs were first released, but not necessarily when each different box design was released.

Bible Stories [1961]

Fairy Tales [1963]

This set was also re-designed in the 1980's with illustrated shapes.

Favourite Stories [1960]

Noddy In Toyland [1959]

Another Noddy set was released in the 1980's.

Pixies [1987]

Winnie-the-Pooh [1964]

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Fuzzy Felt :: Stories