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"Cool! My hair changes colour"!

Hollywoods were produced in 1987-88 by Tonka. They were a series of 5 inch dolls with jointed arms, legs and head and had painted-on swim suits, tights (on some) and sandals. They had colour-change hair which changed when warm. There were also a few small playsets and fashions produced.

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The 1988 Tonka Toy Catalogue shows three small playsets were added to the Hollywoods series, but I'm unsure if they were ever released on general sale.

Hollywoods Runabouts

"The Coolest Kids on Land or Sea"!

  • 4 Runabouts provide fun adventures under the sun.
    • Scooter
    • Speedboat
    • Floating Chair
    • Skateboard, with helmet and sweatshirt

The Roundabouts were also sold seperatly.

Hollywoods Sunset Cruiser

"The Coolest Car Under the Sun!"

  • Cool car for cool Hollywoods dolls.
  • Holds 4 Hollywoods dolls (sold seperatly).

Hollywoods Sun Island Gift Set

"A Special Island Paradise for Hollywood-Style Fun!"

  • Set includes floating island, Colour-Change Hair Hollywoods doll, Wally the Parrot, and Runabout Speedboat.
  • Floating island has hammock and hot tub.
  • Doll comes with shirt and bruch: hair had colour-change surprise.
  • Wally the Parrot squirts water.
  • Fun in and out of the tub.

Cruising Kids Gift Set

"Hollywoods Make the Coolest Gift!"

  • Each set includes a Runabout and a Sparkle N' Shine Hollywoods doll.
  • Dolls come with glitzy jacket and brush.
  • Speedboat and Floating Chair are fun in and out of the tub.
  • Skateboard and Scooter have working wheels.
    • Scooter with Dolly
    • Speedboat with Jill
    • Floating Chair with Holly
    • Skateboard with Polly

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Hollywoods :: Playsets