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Liddle Kiddles were a series of small dolls which came in plastic lockets or other shaped cases. They came dressed and also included a few small accessories. They were originally produced in the 1960's by Mattel until the 1970's. They were then re-released in 1994 by Tyco until Uneeda took over in 1996 who eventually changed their name to Liddle Toodles. Most sets seems to have been produced as both black and white dolls. I've included both Tyco and Uneeda dolls. Tyco dolls all had their individual names included on the packaging, where as Uneeda did not. The dolls and accessories also varied in colours slightly.

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There were four Clip-on's produced by Tyco (in both white and black). The dolls came inside little cases which opened at the side to store little items in. They also came with a cord, stickers and hairbrush each.

The Uneeda also produced Clip-on dolls. The cases varied in colour, as did the dolls and their clothing.


Halie Hip Fashions Sandy Sleepover

Sherry Superstar Suzy Sunshine

[no image] [no image]
Halie Hip Fashions Sandy Sleepover Sherry Superstar Suzy Sunshine


The Uneeda versions below used Halie Hip Fashions case design for all dolls but in different colours for each.

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Liddle Kiddles :: Clip-on