Li'l Secrets :: Twosies & 6 Doll Sets

"Discover our mini secret surprises. We have secrets in our hair!"

Li'l Secrets were produced by Mattel in 1993-95. They were a series of small plastic dolls, with charms hidden in their hair.

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Twosies & 6 Doll Sets

"You can't have one without the other! Have double the fun discovering our secret surprises! Look inside our hair, 2 secrets in 1!"

These dolls were sold in pairs, but also in two groups of six (there were twelve different dolls in total produced). Each pair had matching coloured clothing and all dolls had natural hair colouring. Each doll came with a charm in their hair and one comb between two. These dolls were slightly smaller than the original dolls.


6 Doll Sets

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Li'l Secrets :: Twosies & 6 Doll Sets