Little Beauties :: Light Up Ponies

"High Fashion Horses With Beautiful Hair!"

Little Beauties were produced by Multi Toys Corp in 1987-90. They were a series of small plastic ponies with moulded clothes and brushable manes and tails. They were very similar to Petite My Little Ponies, and often get mistaken for them or written off as "fakies".

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Images on this page thanks to thanks to Jennifer, Jana and Stella!

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Light Up Ponies

I don't know what correct name for this set is, but Light Up Ponies will do for now! The ponies had a button on them and when pushed their headwear would light up. There were at least six produced.

If you know anything more about this set then please contact me!

Blue Body Green Body

Pink Body Purple Body

White Body White Body

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Little Beauties :: Light Up Ponies