Little Beauties :: Playsets

"High Fashion Horses With Beautiful Hair!"

Little Beauties were produced by Multi Toys Corp in 1987-90. They were a series of small plastic ponies with moulded clothes and brushable manes and tails. They were very similar to Petite My Little Ponies, and often get mistaken for them or written off as "fakies".

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Large Playsets

There were five large playset produced, each coming with its own micro pony and a few small accessories. The packaging is dated 1990.

Beauty Acadamy

Bridal Shoppe

Country Club

Drive In Movie

High School

Small Playsets

There were at least three small playset produced. I don't think they came with their own ponies.

Bath Time with Working Shower

On-The-Go Vehicles

Musical Carrousel Beauty Parlour

For Sale

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Little Beauties :: Playsets