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"The outrageous caterpillar with lots-a-sneakers, lots-a-socks, and lots-a-lots-a-leggggggs!"

Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs was produced by Commonwealth in 1984, and again in 1998. They were colourful, plush caterpillars with a multitude of legs, wearing multi-coloured socks with sneaker-printed feet. In Greece they were produced by El Greco, in Italy by Gig and in France by Ideal. Some are also marked with Hasbro.

They were sold in the UK, US and parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK & US: Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs
  • France: Mille Pa-Pattttttes
  • Italy: Tante Tante Gambe
  • Greece: Trexalitsa

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Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs were reissued in 1998-99 with a whole new line of characters. They had hard fabric noses and different labels (blue and yellow), so are easy to tell apart from the original line. Again, there were an awful lot of them!

Lil' Leggggggie ~ Collectables

"Collect us and see what fun we can be!"

The Lil' Leggggggie's had four pairs of legs and each wore a different hat which related in some way to their name. There were 24 of them, were about 9 inches long and dated 1998.

Alpie Bloom Camper

Capper Charmer Clog

Dizzie Dodie

Driver Dundie

Hocus Peskie

Poesie Queenie

Razz Sharp Skipper

Slicker Spinner Spy

Topper Trickie

Vector Whitie


These two eight legged toys were about 15 inches long and made a noise when their bum tags were pressed.

Rocky Twister

Lil' Leggggggie ~ Lights

"Squeeze me and see my toes light up!"

These ones had five pairs of legs which could light up (blinked) and were about 14 inches long. They also each came with a small butterfly on their backs which doubled as a keyring. There were lots of colours produced, at least ten.

Feet light Up Orange [unknown name]

Light Pink [unknown name] Sparkly

Flashy Blinky

Starry Flicky


Yellow [unknown name] Brighty

Leggggggie ~ Lingo

These ones had ten pairs of legs, made a sound (chirping noises) when squeezed behind the head. They were about 28 inches long and each came with a small butterfly on their backs which doubled as a keyring.

Red [unknown name]


Purple [unknown name]


Chirpy Blue [unknown name]

Orange [unknown name]

Hats and Backpacks

These ones all wore hats and backpacks, which had their names embroidered on them.

5 Pairs of Legs ~ Charmer 5 Pairs of Legs ~ Crazy

5 Pairs of Legs ~ Scouty 5 Pairs of Legs ~ Smarty

5 Pairs of Legs ~ Sporty

10 Pairs of Legs ~ Yellow


I don't know where these ones fit in yet.

4 Pairs of Legs ~ White & Gold 10 Pairs of Legs ~ White & Gold

4 Pairs of Legs ~ Halloween Special 10 Pairs of Legs ~ Halloween Special

6 Pairs of Legs ~ "Belgie" 5 Pairs of Legs ~ Springs For Legs

Extra Long

There was at least four toys with fifty pairs of legs, measuring about 10 feet long.

100 Legs ~ Green 100 Legs ~ Pink

100 Legs ~ Purple 100 Legs ~ Yellow

There was at least two (but presumably more) toys with seventy five pairs of legs, measuring about 15 feet long. It giggled when its head moved.

150 Legs ~ Pink
150 Legs ~ Green

Lil' Leggggggie ~ Butterflies

The little keyring butterflies were also produced as slightly larger butterflies too. They measured about 7 inches long.

Gracey Blue [unknown name] Purple [unknown name]

Pink [unknown name] Red [unknown name]

Red [unknown name] Yellow [unknown name]

Lil' Leggggggie ~ Beanbag Babies

These ones were about 7 inches long, had three pairs of legs and were stuffed with bean-bag filling.

Blue [unknown name] Orange [unknown name]

Allie Sassy

Lil' Leggggggie ~ Scrunch'ems & Keyrings

The little keyring butterflies look to have been redesigned without wings and turned into hair scrunchies. The packaging is Italian "Sciu' Sciu'" (which doesn't translate into anything), but a trademark was registered for Lil' Legggggggie Scrunch'ems, so I'm guessing this is them!

The caterpillars and butterflies were also sold as keyrings. The keyring butterflies were the same as the versions sold with the large plush toys, but had plastic clips rather than split rings.

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Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs :: Reissues