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"Create fun colours in you bath!"

Magic Merbabies were produced by Hasbro/Vivid Imaginations around 2001-04 (In Italy they were produced by Gigi). They were a series of small dolls with mermaid clothing and colourful hair, made for play in water. Each doll came with a packet of "Fizzy Tints" (also called "Bath Tints"), for colouring bath water. There were also a few playsets produced.

They were sold in parts of Europe under varying names:

  • France: Mes Jolies Petites Sirènes (My Pretty Little Mermaid)
  • Italy: Magiche Piccole Sirene (Magical Little Mermaid)
  • Germany: Zauberhafte Badenixen (Magical Mermaids)

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Teeny Merbabies

There were three Teeny Merbabies produced, sold individually or as twins. Whether sold singularly or as twins, each doll or pair came with one Mer-pet (even smaller than before), a brush, one packet of "Tub Tints" and clothing with tail, where the Tub Tints could be placed. There is also mention of "Sea Jewels".

  • Violet & Heather (Italian - Corallina) c/w mer-poodle (blue w/orange)
  • Holly & Ivy (Italian - Allegra) c/w mer-cat (yellow w/green)
  • Snowdrop & Daisy (Italian - Perlina) c/w mer-bunny (pink w/purple)

Magic Merbabies

Violet & Heather

Magic Merbabies

Holly & Ivy

Magic MerbabiesMagic MerbabiesMagic Merbabies

Snowdrop & Daisy

Magic MerbabiesMagic Merbabies

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Magic Merbabies :: Teeny