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"A dab of water makes me change!"

Make Me Up Darlings were produced by Hasbro in 1990. They were a series of small, scented dolls with designs on their faces which appeared with cold water and disappeared with warm water.  They each came with a set of clothes, shoes, a themed accessory and a comb. The playsets also included a doll and came with several more accessories each.

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Dolls With Playsets

"These charming playsets have even more accessories for kids who want their dolls to be someone extra special! Each fun-filled set comes with a themed and scented Make-Me-Up Darlings doll, an animal friend and lots of extras. The pet changes colour with just a dab of cold water, and the doll has make-up designs and a special outfit so little girls can give her a completely new look. Lots of themed accessories are included to add to the fun!"

Carla Clown and her Birthday Party Playset

"With party favours and a bear that changes colour!"

Frannie Fairy and her Tea Party Playset

"Includes tea party accessories and a colour-changing rabbit!"

Vicky Vet and her Dog Care Playset

"Comes with bath-time accessories and a dog that changes colour!"

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Make Me Up Darlings :: Dolls With Playsets