My Precious Puffs :: Beauty Puffs

"Look in my locket for your secret message!"

My Precious Puffs were produced by Matchbox in 1987. They were a series of wearable toys with colourful, wild fluffy hair and funny plastic faces with the concespt of making a wish on a dandelion. They had a velcro straps and each came with a comb, locket and one accessory. There were three sets produced with six in each set.

Image on this page thanks to DarkAnjel77 and thanks to Kimberly for some of the information!

Beauty Puffs

The Beauty Puffs, released first, were light pastel in colour and perfume scented. They had bows in their hair and a heart shape under their faces. Their combs and lockets had pictures of flowers on them and inside the heart-shaped clip was a little paper message (like a fortune cookie), one of which said "please take me to school".

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My Precious Puffs :: Beauty Puffs