Peppermint Rose :: Fashion

"A magical land where you make floral and candy scented perfume!"

Peppermint Rose were produced by Mattel in 1992. They were a series of scented dolls very similar to Lady Lovely Locks. There was also fashions, animal friends as well as related merchandise and an animated video.

Peppermint Rose was sold in the US/UK and in Europe under different names:

  • USA/UK: Peppermint Rose
  • Europe: Les Belles de Parfum

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"Three scent-sational fashion styles: Carnation Merry Mint, Violet Lemon Kiss, and Bubblegum Blossom. Girls will want to collect them all for mix 'n match fragrance and fashion fun! Each fashion comes with 2 skirts (one floral scented and one candy scented) and 12 floral scented and 12 candy scented magical Perfume Petals girls dissolve in water to make a candy-floral perfume they can wear. Also includes perfume bottle, bodice, and shoes."

There were three sets of scented fashion produced, although I've never seen any sold on the second-hand market to confirm they were ever sold (same for the Petal Perfume).

Perfume Petal Packs

"Now girls can make more of their favourite perfume or create fabulous new candy-floral fragrance combinations. The Perfume Petal Packs each contain bags of candy and floral scented "flowers" girls dissolve in water to mix and make perfume they can wear!"

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Peppermint Rose :: Fashion