GARFIELD Admit it, Odie's OK! ~ Book No.4 (1983/1984)

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Garfield "Admit it, Odie's OK!" book No.4. Frist printed in 1983, this version is from 1984.

Inside reads:

  • Copyright 1983 United Features Syndicate, Inc.
  • This edition first published by Ravette Limited 1983
  • Reprinted 1984
  • Printed and bound in Great Britain for Ravette Limited
  • ISBN 0 906710 09 X

Rub mark to front cover where a price sticker used to be, and creases to front and back. Name written on inside cover and title has been neatly coloured in on the first page (pen), as have Garfield and Odie (pencil). Name and address filled in on back page order form (pencil). Personally, I love seeing these little additions as it is all part of the history of the book!

Read condition. See photos for more detail.

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