Barbie Fairytopia ~ 3 Doll Bundle (Mattel 2004-2006)

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This sale includes three Barbie Fairytopia dolls. Please read descriptions for condition of each doll, and see photos for more detail.

Barbie: Fairytopia Mermaidia "Glitter Swirl Fairy"

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia "Glitter Swirl Fairy" doll produced by Mattel in 2006. Originaly the wings were full of liquid and glitter, and the button on her chest set a little motor in the wings off to stir it all up. Hair is pink and blue, body had moulded pink and blue leotard and moulded butterflies on shins.

There are a few cracks in the wings on the back, so there is very little liquid left inside but still lovely and glittery. Motor still works (although no batteries left inside). It looks like her left foot has broken and been reglued but otherwise in good clean played with condition.

Head marked "Mattel 2004" and body marked "Mattel 2005". Measures 30cm high. Wingspan 16.5cm.

Barbie Fairytopia Wonder Fairy “KindLee”

Barbie Fairytopia Wonder Fairy “KindLee” doll produced by Mattel in 2004. Her wings fold down in front of her legs to become part of her skirt. Move the wings back up and press the button on her back to make the flutter. Has real eyelashes and moulded leg decorations.. In good clean condition.

Head marked "Mattel 1990" and body marked "Mattel 1999". Measures 30cm high.

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia "Elina"

Missing her wings, which slot over the plastic lever on her back. The lever pushes right down and her wings would have wrapped around her legs like mermaid's tail. The button on her chest released the lever and her wings would pop back up. Has real eyelashes and moulded pink leotard and leg decorations. Doll has small hole in middle of forehead with faint pen mark inside, and there is a faint marks on the back of her right leg.

Head marked "Mattel 2004" and body marked "Mattel 1999, 2005". Measures 30cm high.

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