Barbie: Princess Odette, Prince Aiden & Erika - 3 Doll Bundle (Mattel 2003-05)

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This sale included two Barbie dolls and a Ken doll.

Blond Barbie is Swan Lake "Princess Odette" from 2003 and still has her original swan crown. I don't think the pink dress is an official Barbie dress, it looks more like a Sleeping Beauty Disney Princess dress (which is a little tatty around the trim). Faint marks on legs, oyher wise good clean condition.

Brunette Barbie is The Princess and the Pauper "Erika" from 2004 and still has her original necklace. I'm not sure about the origins of the lovely blue dress. Her voice box doesn't appear to work, she has a few small dents, four or five pulled hair plugs and some faint marks on legs. Good clean played-with condition.

Ken is from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus "Prince Aiden" from 2005. He is wearing his original boots, and the outfit is from the rare Disney Princess "Prince Philip" doll by Simba. Good clean condition.

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