Little Miss Muffin - 3 Pop-N-Flip Dolls (Jat at Play 2011)


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"There's nothin' like luvin' a little miss muffin!"

Little Miss Muffin are soft bodied "pop-n-flip" dolls with rubbery cupcakes hidden under their skirts. Very similar to Cupcake Surprise, you turn them inside out and they become muffins with their hats forming the toppings. They have soft heads, faces and feet, embroidered faces and printed dresses. They also have yarn hair and glittery hats with a solid flocked bobble on the top. As dolls, they are perfect for sitting along the edge of a sheld with thier little legs dangling over!

Included is a yellow doll, pink/red doll and brown/yellow doll.

Labels and bases marked "Jak at Play 2011". From toe to top of hat they measure 24cm. Seated they measure 18cm and in muffin form about 12cm high.

Tiny hole in back of yellow dolls hat rim (most likely from a tag being pulled off), otherwise in good clean condition. See photos for more detail.

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