PLAY KINDERGARTEN Little People School #77048 Vintage (Blue-Box 1990s)

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PLAY KINDERGARTEN school playset, very similar to vintage Fisher-Price "Little People". Incredibly rare!

Included is:

  • 11 Figures (adults and children)
  • 5 School Desks
  • 1 Teachers Desk
  • Round-a-Bout (fits 4)
  • Slide
  • Swing Set (fits 3)
  • Car (fits 2)
  • School House with cardboard scenery inside
  • Box

The roof of the school house no longer has the pegs to hold it in place. The cardboard inserts are a bit loose, but could easily be secured if desired.

Produced by Blue-Box Toys in the 1990's. School measures about 35cm across.

Figures and playset items in good clean condition. School in fair played-with condition. Box a little beaten but intact. See photos for more details.