Barbara Cartland “The Romance Of Food” ~ Cook Books [1984]

“What woman does not long to be carried like a lamb in the arms of the man she loves.”

Published in 1984, The Romance of Food by Barbara Cartland features over 170 pages full of cream-laden “aphrodisiacs for the young lovers”, all beautifully photographed in the kitsch-est 1980’s style imaginable.

Each dish has a little quote underneath the photograph. My favourite by far is found with the cakes:

“An English tea; how many men have been beguiled and captivated by a soft voice offering them a meringue?”

How many indeed.

I can’t even guess as to what went through the poor photographers mind when Miss Cartland told him she wanted each dish surrounded by a selection of her own knick-knacks on brightly coloured backdrops.

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