Bates Bedspreads & Drapes ~ Adverts [1940’s]

“Campus tested! Campus approved!”

These ads for Bates bedding and matching draperies are from 1941-49.

I’ve cropped out the images from each of the ads as there was a lot of small text in them. Thumbnails of the full ads are at the bottom.

“Meet your college roomates – Bates bedspread with draperies to match.” [1941]

“America’s passion for sun country idea starts new decoration vogue.” [1942]

“Young America’s mania for out-of-door sports starts decoration rage.” [1942]

“Campus rooms most likely to succeed.” [1942]

“Westerner in Manhattan.” [1942]

“Campus rooms most likely to succeed.” [1946]

“Bates College Board reports 1947 campus trends.” [1947]

“Bates College Board reports 1948 campus preferences.” [1948]

“Bates 1949 College Board designs new, functional rooms for school.”[1949]

Thumbnails of the full ads.

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