Belair [1970-1972] Cigarette Adverts

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“Start fresh with Belair.”

These ads for Belair menthol cigarettes date from 1970-72 and featured couples smoking in blue skied seaside surroundings.

The long half-page ads were show in pairs with their sister brand Raleigh, one either side of a double page until Sep ’70 when they separated into a long halfpage ad for Belair and full page ad for Raleigh. They went back into pairs in 1971, with a few wide half-page ads then separated again.

Belair and Raleigh were owned by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation.

“Menthol…but with a soft, fresh taste.”

The bottom layout changes slightly.

The bottom layout changes slightly again.

These three ads were wide half-page ads with Rayleigh on the opposite side.

“Just the right touch of menthol.”

The tagline changed slightly in May ’71 aong with the top and bottom layout, but it lasted only briefly.

The tagline stayed the same, but the font changed in Aug ’71, as did the bottom layout.

In 1972 the ads included an offer for various items at the bottom (which featured in the ad somewhere too).

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