Canadian Mist ~ Whisky Adverts [1977-1988] “Misting”

“Get in the feeling. Go Misting.”

Canadian Mist’s “Misting” campaign ran from around 1977 to 1985. Each ad noted the clothes, jewellery and chair designers (where included). You could even order matching his and hers Canadian Mist caftans, jumpsuits, walking sticks and zodiac pendants!


“What is Misting? It’s the act of feeling the unique lightness of Canadian Mist, a smooth and mellow imported Canadian whisky. Get in the feeling. Go Misting.”


“Misting is a feeling of lightness, a smooth and mellow taste. Misting is a slip into something more comfortable. Canadian Mist.”


“A special place in your mind, a mellow attitude and a light, smooth taste. That’s Misting.”

Misting is an attitude, an expression of you.”

“Misting is going for the very best.”


“Misting is stepping out and looking good.”

In 1984 the background changed to black and the “Misting” campaign came to end with these three designs. Check out that shiny silver suit!

“Misting is an attitude, cool and relaxed.”


There were various offers, including matching his and hers caftans, jumpsuits, walking sticks and zodiac pendants.

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