Columbia Records “Masterworks” ~ Music Adverts [1942-1943]

“New laminating process gives you quality where it counts – on the surface!”

These ads for various recording from Columbia Records “Masterworks” collection date from 1942-43.

The ads explained the wonders of their new “Sensitone-Surface” laminating process:

“Imagine a record made in layers, like a piece of plated silver! Inside is the “core”-outside, on the surfaces, a heavy plating of precious, highly sensitised material that would be prohibitively expensive if used in solid-stock records of the usual type. The result: A tone quality never before achieved…radically lowered surface noise – independent laboratory tests prove at least 55.3% less! Now, Columbia makes it possible to turn up the tone controls of your machine to include the “high frequencies” – and play Masterworks with concert-hall realism! Now, Columbia brings you operatic recordings that really sing!”

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