Community ~ Cutlery Adverts [1943-1945] Illustrations by Jon Whitcomb & Michael

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“Back home for keeps.”

This illustrated ad campaign for Community silverplate cutlery date from 1943-45.

The artwork was by Jon Whitcomb, and Michael (I have noted under the ads which illustrator did which). A full colour reproduction of each artwork with no advertising could be ordered from the company for free.

There was a running theme of military fiancées coming home from war ready to get married to their eager brides to be.

“There’s a great day coming when you’ll run down the path… straight into the arms you’ve ached for! You’ll live again… laugh again… love again… share the foolish little jokes that mean so much to just you two. And when his eyes look into yours across the breakfast table, all the ages you’ve waited won’t matter any more.

“When that great day comes, in a bright and warless world, then Community, too, can return again to the joy of making the bride’s first favourite silverware. We’re planning it now… as we work to win the war… planning gleaming patterns for your gala table… hoping with you it won’t be long now… that day will come!”




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