Community ~ Cutlery Adverts [1948-1949] Illustratrated by Jon Whitcomb

“The happiest brides have Community.”

This illustrated ad campaign for Community silverplate cutlery ran throughout 1948 and 1949. The artwork was by Jon Whitcomb and featured happy young brides.

The three then four spoons shown in each image were from the sets Coronation, Lady Hamilton, Milady and Morning Star.

“For keeps… homekeeping brides are the happiest! Happy in hospitality… friendly teas, gracious lunches, pleasant dinners…”

“You… and the man you love… your home… your table… your Community, it’s a dream-come-true, for keeps!”

“Bless the bride’s table – for keeps – with her hearts desire – Community silverplate… distinguished, gracious, enduringly right.”

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