Doubl-Glo ~ Christmas Decoration Adverts [1959-1963]

“Give your home the magic of Merlin with Doubl-Glo holiday decorations!”

These ads for Doubl-Glo Christmas decoration date from 1959-63.

“It’s magic – the way Doubl-Glo Icicles turn your tree and your home into a sparkling wonderland. All the warmth and joy of the Christmas season are captured in Doubl-Glo Garlands, Tree-Tops, Reflectors, Honeycomb Decorations, Angel Hair and other decorations for room, table, and tree. Look for the decorations with the glowing magic of Walt Disney’s Merlin. More magic – free Christmas trim ideas by Walkt Disney artists on the back of Doubl-Glo Icicles packages.”

“They dance and sparkle, shimmer and gleam. Doubl-Glo Icicles imprison the stars in the sky to give your home the warmth and gaiety of a million lights. Trim your tree, your home and your gift packages with the glittering magic of Doubl-Glo.”

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