Du Pont ~ Menswear Adverts [1960-1961] Dacron/Orlon “Letterman Look”

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“The Letterman look.”

These ads for men’s fashions made from Du Pont Dacron” polyester, and “Orlon” acrylic fibre date from 1960-61. The ads had a sports theme and the models used were mostly college age.

The men’s clothing shown in the ads were tailored by various companies using fabrics made from Du Pont fibres, including Mighty Mac, Palm Beach, Airansun, David Copperfield, H.I.S., Picariello & Singer, Isidore Aaronson, Stratojac, Zero Kings, State-O-Main, Levinsohn Bros., Metro Pants Co., Sargon, Lakeland, and Westchester.

Letterman (US)

“A college sportsman who has achieved a set level of success in his sport and so has been awarded cloth letters of the initials of his college, to be displayed on an item of clothing.”

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

“Dacron/Orlon gives you that neat Letterman look.”

Many ads from the first half of 1961 had a full height model wearing spots gear in the background and smart pair of legs in the foreground.

“Stays neat…gives you that Letterman look.”

Ads from the later half of 1961 were outdoor shots.

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