Du Pont ~ Menswear Adverts [1956-1959] Dacron/Orlon/Nylon

“Comfort in Action!”

These ads for men’s fashions made from Du Pont Dacron” polyester, “Orlon” acrylic fibre, and “Nylon” date from 1956-59. The ads feature men in various sporting and leisure scenarios.

The men’s clothing shown in the ads were tailored by various companies using fabrics made from Du Pont fibres, including David Church, Merril-Sharpe, Dee, Hartog, Drummond, Zero Kings, Revere, Amho, Jantzen, Puritan, Manhattan, Munsingwear, Glasgo, New York Knitting Mills, Robert Bruce, Mighty Mac, Lakeland, McGregor, Marlboro, Golden Fleece, Mavest, Aero-Weave, Stanley Blacker, and Sears.




Automatic Neatness

The Rich Look In Knits

Sweaters Men Like

“Warm…yet light.”

The New Carefree Knits

Comfort In Action



Lights And Luxurious

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